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Mobile Sales System

OtoRoute Mobile Sales System is the easiest way to control and inspect all phases of Field Sales Force Management, and is developed and integrated with latest new technologies.

Mobil Sales System

Warehouse Management System

With BarDep Warehouse Management System, whether it's registering new items or moving them, you are in control of your warehouse.

About Barkosoft

Barkosoft Software Solutions is a software development company, that was established with intent to develop supply chain management solutions and create mobile applications which utilize automatic identification and data collection technologies, with 25 years of field experience and research. Barkosoft has a portfolio full of great projects, specially around the fields of Mobile Sales Systems, Warehouse Management systems, Slaughterhouse Automation, Broiler Tracking systems and Product Tracking.

Anahtar Teslim Çözümler

One Stop Shop

Based on our field specialized and one stop shop philosophy, We offer software, hardware, installment, training and any other services that you might need in a project.

Barkosoft AR-GE ve Teknolo

R&D and Tech

We have been producing mobile solutions for a very long time, and in order to stay up-to-date with changing technologies and emerging platforms, we have dedicated a huge portion of our resources to research and development.

Barkosoft Müşteri Memnuniyeti

Client Approval

as Barkosoft we have worked around the clock to provide our customers with solutions that work with resources available to them. All our teams operate under the following principles; "Unconditional Client Approval", "Quick Responses and Replies" and "Solution Continuity".

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